Useless Creativity

Writing has become a sort of fidget exercise for me.

An easily accessed flow state where I can burn a few minutes churning out something both satisfying to make and satisfying to look back on (for me).

I think I had a hard time starting a habit of writing because I was under the false impression that it had to be useful to others. It took a little while to realize that this is not the case.

Maybe my writing will tilt in that direction at some point. I do have a wealth of knowledge on certain topics that I get asked about often, and a place to document answers to those questions might be practically useful for some people.

But right now, I am writing selfishly for my own enjoyment. And I love it.

I wonder how this realization will extend to my other creative endeavors.

I’ve been itching to code something, and often get hung up on whether it will be profitable.

I miss using my cameras, but I haven’t encountered any projects that would benefit others.

I gave up on producing music ages ago because I believed I’d never be good enough for an audience.

My approach to creativity has been twisted by a need to be successful for longer than I can remember.

It was a chapter from Rick Rubin’s A Creative Act” explaining that many creatives don’t make a living from their creation, that I think helped this realization click into place for me.

Thanks for the permission, Mr. Rubin.

I’m looking forward to creating simply for the sake of it.

June 5, 2024