Quick Event

This is an iOS shortcut I made to allow you to create a new calendar events more quickly and intuitively.

Get the Quick Event shortcut


  • v1.2 — Minor code changes
  • v1.1 — Fixed an issue with the current date not being read, thanks Keith 🙏🏽
  • v1.0 — Initial release


You will need to be ready to provide answers to 4 setup questions on install:

  1. Available calendars: This shortcut requires you to input which calendars are available for the shortcut to add to. These need to match your calendar app verbatim.

  2. Default calendar: This is the calendar the shortcut will add to if none is specified.

  3. Default Event Duration: This is the default duration (in minutes) of new events if no duration or end time is specified.

  4. Default Alert Time: This is the default amount of time before an event to alert (in hours) if no duration or alert time is specified.


Ways to use:

  • standalone from the homescreen
  • receive text from the Share Sheet
  • trigger with Siri

This is AI powered, so you’re given the freedom to use natural language very freely. The shortcut is able to determine the following event properties:

  • Title
  • Start
  • End
  • All day
  • Location
  • Calendar
  • Alert

Some syntactic sugar is enabled.

  • /“ will parse the subsequent text as the calendar to use– requires very little to match, so /p would be enough to match”Personal” as a calendar as long as no other calendars start with the letter p”
  • %” will parse the subsequent text as the amount of time before the event to alert you, and works very loosely– %1 hour, %1hr, %1h would all work


coffee with Cara tomorrow at Nook from 2 to 4 "She likes astrology" /p %1hr

I'm having coffee with Cara tomorrow from 2 to 4. We're going to be at Nook. Put this in my personal calendar and set the alert to one hour before so I don't forget. Include a note that she likes astrology.